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My Last Post Before I Get To Enjoy Morphine

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Posted 04 November 2011 - 08:16 PM

I'll be "out" for my 4th Open Heart Surgery (OHS), Tuesday, 11/08/2011, at Chicago's Northwestern Memorial Hospital, performed by Dr. Russell. The catheterization is the day prior. Until I'm feeling up to being on the computer & online again, my sister will post UPDATES (which MAY be SHARED on the groups/boards) to my Facebook Wall:

My previous 3 OHSs (at Chicago's Children's Memorial Hospital) replaced the pulmonary valve that I was born without. The 1st, November 1977, was when the original pig valve was installed. The 2nd & 3rd OHSs (March 1987 & January 6, 2003, respectively) replaced the pig valve installed in the previous surgery.

This 4th OHS is to replace my aorta/aortic valve with a cow valve. My ascending aorta is "too large"; it is 5.6 at the middle, 5.3 at the root. Too bad my "big heart" has finally won me a date with a surgeon, instead of a cool female....

If all goes well, the "projected" return of my driving abilities is mid December & return to work is January 6, 2012 (the 9-year anniversary of my 3rd OHS).

I'm "ready" as I'll be. I'm not scared, just still dreading & "hating" the entire process, including the financial strain ... & still feeling a tad bit alone & out-of-place.

On a positive note, the PRE-SURGERY PARTY was great; many thanks to those that joined us that evening!!!

My MCs are ready for winter; just need to drive them one last time & snug them into the garage the weekend before surgery. I never did get them, or my Caprice Classic, cleaned; maybe while I'm recovering or next spring...!

Speaking of recovery, my "projects" (other than the obvious) for the next 2 months or so, include...

...write more of my ROUTE 66 STORY:

...plan my 2012 ROAD TRIP (return to Georgia/Florida, along the east coast & into northern Michigan) & perhaps a short trip to St Louis along parts of Route 66.... Previous road trips (& other) pictures:

...consider WRMN's request to host part of their CHRISTMAS EVE RADIO BROADCAST. My contact there called me a couple weeks ago to find out if I would.... Previous radio show playlists:

...finish putting my room back together (after new carpeting & major re-arranging)

...read some new books

...Nephew Time

...misc stuff

...AND return to the groups/boards....

I appreciate all of the well wishes, thoughts & prayers, including those in my "Open Heart Surgery, party & more..." post/thread.

LIFE IS TOO SHORT! So long, everybody!

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Posted 05 November 2011 - 11:22 AM


Best Wishes!

Looking forward to your future posts!

Keep the Show on the Road!

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Posted 09 November 2011 - 10:21 AM


Thank you ... much appreciated!!!

Holy cow AND irony rocks!

THIS...should...be my last post before surgery....

The catheterization (Monday, 11/07/2011) went fine, though I was in a lot of pain Monday afternoon/evening.

My surgery has been postponed until Friday (11/11/2011) due to an emergency heart transplant. Disappointed I am not. Frustrated...maybe, but not any more than I already am...in more ways than one. The postponement gives me a chance to recover/relax a bit more from the cath & accomplish a few more things prior to surgery, perhaps even some of my "recovery projects" list I noted in my original post....

I PLAN to visit the groups/message boards & "catch up" with personal Emails & notes received, etc.; HOWEVER, I cannot promise I'll get to everything...!


My sister & brother-in-law brought my nephew to see my cars outside, 11/05/2011. The 11 pictures I took are here:

I know it can be confusing to "navigate" my Route 66 story in BLOG format, so here is a list of the chapters in order...



...9, The Drive & A Revelation:

...10, Stall Tactic:


...13, Road Trip Rush:

...14, Late Night & A Whistle:

...15, Awakening:

...16, Train & Memories:

...17, Shopkeeper:


...20, The Picture:

...21, Shaping History:

Once again ... SO LONG, EVERYBODY!

Cort | 38.m.IL | pigValve + paceMaker + cowValve | 5 MCs + 1 Caprice Classic
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