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Wi Yellowstone Trail Menomonee Falls To Oshkosh

Posted by WisHxGeek , 17 March 2010 · 4,137 views

On the way home from the Wisconsin Governor's Conference on Tourism I decided to take the Yellowstone Trail home since it was a beautiful spring day. I placed a bunch of photos in the gallery from along the way- however the photos are reversed so they start near Waupaca and end in Germantown.WI Yellowstone Gallery Here is a handy guide for the Yellows...


Exploring The Little Everglades Of The North- Horicon Marsh

Posted by WisHxGeek , 11 March 2010 · 1,281 views

Horicon Marsh in Wisconsin is known as the Little Everglades of the north- and for good reason! The number of bird species that make it home or migrate through the area is astonishing.For years I had visited the area during the fall season for the annual migration of Canada Geese. As the geese flock to the area, so do the the bird watchers and tourist...


Finding The Tropics And A Few Dinosaurs In Wisconsin

Posted by WisHxGeek , 21 February 2010 · 1,483 views

Well, we may not have found any pinball machines while visiting Madison, WI- but we did visit two great attractions that neither my husband nor I visited while a student at UW-Madison (too busy studying- of course  B)).Our first stop was Olbrich Gardens BolzConservatory. In the summer their gardens are amazing- but in the winter their tropical greenhouse...


Where Have All The Wizards Gone?

Posted by WisHxGeek , 18 February 2010 · 1,259 views

There is something that stirs my soul when I return for a visit to Madison, WI. Maybe it's the 5 or so years I spent there going to college... and occasionally studying. Even though the landscape has changed and many businesses I once frequented are no longer there (not to mention campus buildings like dormitories), I still love to reminisce as we wan...


Over The Water Withoutt The Car Ferry...

Posted by WisHxGeek , 02 February 2010 · 1,282 views

This time of year provides the opportunity to cross from Bayfield, WI to LaPointe, WI (Madeline Island)by wind sled. During this window of time there is too much ice to cross by ferry, but not enough to open the ice road. You can check the status of the ice road and wind sled schedule (and the ice caves) here: http://bit.ly/Bayfie...field.org/ph...


Not The Typical Road Side Attraction

Posted by WisHxGeek , 04 January 2010 · 666 views

I am often lured in by the promise of seeing the "World's Largest.. (your favorite animal name here..." and my wheels always turn at the sign of a history museum or the glow of a diner's neon. But, the sight of a small cemetery makes my head turn every time. I can't help but wonder what history awaits to be found carved into the old st...


Cool Stuff In Norfolk, Ne

Posted by WisHxGeek , 29 October 2009 · 1,615 views

I just returned from a conference in Norfolk, NE (that's pronounced Nor-FoRk) and had a great time exploring despite the rain.I visited the Elkhorn Valley Museum and Research Center. They have some great vignettes- blacksmith, the parlor, the kitchen and more. Norfolk is the home of the square-turn tractor and they have one there to prove it (built in...


Peshtigo Fire Museum And Bay Beach Amusement Park

Posted by WisHxGeek , 18 August 2009 · 718 views

Took a weekend trip over to Marinette, WI to drop off Mike for a 5- day bike trip. Each year Mike takes a ride and I take advantage of the drop off and pick up trips to explore with the kids. This year it was a drop off in Marinette, so on the way home we stopped at the Peshtigo Fire Museum  and Bay Beach Amusement Park (Green Bay). Great fun, educational...


Impromptu Road Trip

Posted by WisHxGeek , 13 August 2009 · 2,038 views

Roy and Johnny. Idols of 1970's American youth... or at least my youth. Emergency! Do you remember the guys at Station 51 (Chet, Cap, Marco) and at Rampart (Doctors Joe Early and Kelly Brackett and Nurse Dixie). I still love to watch them and I have hooked my kids on the show (along with Adam 12 and other clasics). I am incredibly jealous that in...

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