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American Road ® SPEED LIMITS

Welcome to the AMERICAN ROAD® Forum!

AMERICAN ROAD established this forum as a companion to the magazine for all who share a love for our historic highways. Exchange questions, stories, news, or anything of interest to road warriors. AR staff will also be on hand to provide updates and road news.

Because personal views often differ, familiarize yourself with our SPEED LIMITS, which set boundaries and explain the atmosphere we hope to maintain.

-New members will be approved and moderated until a short history of posts is established. We welcome new members, but started this policy to protect the group and prevent spam.

-NO FLAMING! Flaming is any derogatory/insulting remark directed at another member. The list isn't a battleground for personal arguments. Acts of flaming will generate a reminder. Continued infractions will result in that member being moderated or banned from the list.

-Do not directly post any copyrighted material. Articles of interest to this list should be referenced only, directing members to the source (book, magazine, newspaper, etc.). If the copyrighted material is available at the source’s website, please post a link to the article.

-Keep your posts on topic and post in the appropriate subforum category. Our subforums have been organized into various categories. Please be sure to check and make sure you are posting in the correct forum.

-Off-topic posts should be sparing and labeled OFF-TOPIC or OT, and posted in the “General Discussion” forum.

-No profanity or off-color jokes.

-Kindly keep all posts road-related and aimed at the group in general. Private email should be used for one-on-one chat.

-Computers have made us lazy but we ask that you please make a real effort to only include parts of a prior message pertinent to your response. Simply hitting "reply" wastes space and forces everyone to scroll through threads that may get long.

-As a courtesy to American Road’s advertisers, we do not permit posts promoting or advertising any members’ products or services for sale. Any member who wishes to advertise should contact our Advertising Director, Dick Bublitz: dbublitz@mockturtlepress.com or Phone: 1-800-485-5029

-Any road-related events or functions which you would like to promote are most certainly welcome! We have a Calendar of Events on the American Road website for this purpose, and would ask that you post your event listing here: http://www.americanroadmagazine.com/calend...submission.html

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop us a line or use the “Suggestion Box” forum!

AMERICAN ROAD Forum hosts,

Pat & Jennifer Bremer