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A Refreshing Idea For Turkey In The Summer

Posted by roadwarriorvet , 04 July 2010 · 4,129 views

http://stjomobedandb...urkeybreast.JPG Hello everyone and Happy Fourth of July :) Well today it is raining up here on the Hill, but I still have grille cooking on my mind.   A couple of weeks back I had friends over for dinner and came up with a refreshing idea for grilling the turkey breast.  During the holida...


Quiche For The Road

Posted by roadwarriorvet , 13 March 2010 · 1,214 views

http://stjomobedandb...kfastquiche.jpg Hello everyone!!!! A good breakfast is always an excellent way to start the day before exploring the countless things out there across the country to see and do.  Quiche Lorraine makes for a good and hearty simple breakfast in the morning and it can be made very easily...


Hearty Style Pork And Beans With A Kick

Posted by roadwarriorvet , 30 December 2009 · 1,315 views

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!! The other day I was thinking about what could I make that is simple, hearty, and warms the soul during the present Midwest Winter Wonderland and cold.  There is a perception not much can be done with pork and beans because they are basically already prepared, you just open the can and heat.  Maybe add cut up hot...


Cooking Turkey Anytime!

Posted by roadwarriorvet , 28 December 2009 · 1,261 views

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays!!!  This year during Christmas I decided to try something very easy and simple with turkey. I usually like to cook a full bird for the holidays, and haved used various methods to do so over the years.  Cooking a full bird though requires preparation and time during slicing, and also cleanup can be somewhat cum...


Ultimate Sausage Gravy

Posted by roadwarriorvet , 23 November 2009 · 1,589 views

Hello Road Warriors!! How is traveling going on the highways and byways of the US?  This is the coolest magazine for roadtrips!! At my bed and breakfast, we get a lot of travelers who always talk about breakfasts at different places during their travels. A common item that comes up is biscuits and gravy.  Several travelers asked me if ther...


Nachos For A Party!

Posted by roadwarriorvet , 31 August 2009 · 1,713 views

One of the best things in food I love about the Southwest is Nachos.  There are so many different ways of creating them and during my journeys through the Southwest US, I am always amazed at the different creations.   I developed this recipe myself combining several different variations I seen over time.   This recipe is great for entertaining and can eve...


A Soup With Southwest Flair

Posted by roadwarriorvet , 31 August 2009 · 753 views

Hello all you "Road Warriors" out there and welcome to the Road Recipe Warrior blog. This blog is dedicated to good food and spirits all over the country. The  "Flavor of America" during any roadtrip is a memory always worth preserving and what better way to preserve it then to be able to prepare good food from around the country and share...

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