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20160126 The Cook Report - Tacticul Tips For Seo

Posted by guyrcook2015 , 26 January 2016 · 1,537 views
http://www.addthis.c...web-design-seo/   How to Make Your Web Design SEO Friendly  Don’t overload the page with visuals.  Heading tags help SEO  and the more keywords you get there, the better  Mobile-friendly means SEO-friendly  HTML5 is full of SEO helpers  A great user experience (UX) means great SEO...


The Cook Report Via Podbean.com

Posted by guyrcook2015 , 07 January 2016 · 1,286 views

The new podcasts are online as a FEED @   http://thecookreport.podbean.com/feed/
Only have 4 episodes setup so far, hoping this takes off please share.


Blog Conent Planner

Posted by guyrcook2015 , 07 December 2015 · 1,401 views

https://guycook.word...gital-marketer/ is my 'blurb' about using that, and a quote post is @ https://guycook.word...onday-20151207/


Events In History For Sunday 15Th November 2015

Posted by guyrcook2015 , 15 November 2015 · 1,341 views
#history #events
1492 - Christopher Columbus notes 1st recorded reference to tobacco
1884 - Colonization of Africa orgainized at international conference in Berlin
1948 - Mackenzie King retires after spending 22 years as the Prime Minister of Canada
1969 - 250,000 peacefully demonstrate in Wash DC against Vietnam War
1988 - PLO proclaims State of Palestine, recognizes Isr...


How To Chose The Best Social Network For Your Blog

Posted by guyrcook2015 , 24 September 2015 · 1,172 views

How To Chose The Best Social Network For Your Blog Social-Network-Infographic for you
Important information to be aware off, so shared it here too.


Sharing Youtube Videos

Posted by guyrcook2015 , 10 August 2015 · 954 views
Sharing youtube Videos
Now a quick note about sharing youtube videos, this one is on youtube.com as https://youtu.be/ IGBrDBbynd8  right.  That makes the ID of that video be IGBrDBbynd8  ok?  So to have just the thumbnail to share (like is on the page now at http://route6tour.co...te6californ.htm   Always start with http://i...


Social Media Accounts - Some Of The Other 'places'

Posted by guyrcook2015 , 02 August 2015 · 913 views
Social Media Accounts - Some Of The Other 'places' SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS
Facebook - Guy R Cook Webdeveloper  https://www.facebook...ok.webdeveloper
vDomainHosting Google + page  https://plus.google.... Vdomainhosting
vDomainHosting Facebook  https://www.facebook.../vDomainHosting
guyrcook Twitter  https://twitter.com/guyrcook
vDomainHosting - Pintere...


2016 Editorial Calendar

Posted by guyrcook2015 , 02 August 2015 · 1,153 views

Have you posted your 2016 Editorial Calendar yet?  Just wondering...


Twitter Chat Strategy And Tactical Guide For Brands

Posted by guyrcook2015 , 15 May 2015 · 742 views
twitter, chat, guyrcook

Want to find a way to connect on a deeper level with your audience? Maybe generate a little bit of conversational buzz about your brand?
Twitter chats are one of the best ways to do just that!
#guyrcook #twitterchat


12 Things To Do After You歎e Written A New Blog Post By Brody Dorland

Posted by guyrcook2015 , 12 May 2015 · 1,137 views

You’ve just finished writing a great new blog post. You’re excited that you’ve shared your ideas and expertise with the world. But what should you do next? 
12 Things to Do After You’ve Written a New Blog Post by Brody Dorland has some good ideas on what to do.

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